PC 70 My Man Drawer

When we moved into our large apartment in the completely renovated Amber House here in Hove, there was little storage, so we had to be quite ruthless in what we kept. Somehow I was not quite ruthless enough and I am still sorting through stuff, knowing that I really should have another clear out soon. In the kitchen part of our living room, there was space to put bar-type stools underneath the ‘island’, next to the wine cooler. We didn’t really want the latter, and didn’t think we would use the former, sitting up to eat when there was a perfectly good table close by! And where was the ‘man drawer’? Within a few weeks the space had a new cupboard with three drawers; two for trays, table mats etc and the top one for my drawer.

I don’t think I ever called said drawer a particular name but here in the UK it’s become an essential part of how we males live, a place to put things. What things you might ask, especially if you haven’t yet developed such a cache of treasures? Well, I opened the drawer and saw:

An out-of-date Southern railway train timetable (2013) So why is it still there?

A meat hook

An old measuring tape made out of paper – now that’s quite special

An old wooden expandable ruler ie measuring device but in Imperial units

A new steel measuring tape – up to 3.5 metres

A nifty small ratchet screwdriver with changeable heads

A cord to put around the sidepieces of reading glasses to hang around your head – but no glasses. So if you can find the glasses, useful!

Actually some glasses for watching 3D films – only used once, but you never know when you might need them again

Talking of glasses, a pair of reading glasses left by a lunch guest

A small tub of Orchid Fertiliser


My Man Drawer

My Man Drawer

One of those Swiss Army Knife types – this one with its own smart leather holder, and yes, it has one of those gadgets for removing the stone from a horse’s hoof.

A real authentic Swiss Army Knife – red! (Probably made in China)

My Brighton & Hove City Council Bus Pass (Ah! You cry. Now I know what a man drawer is!)

An open pack of red and blue drinking straws – half used, and the remainder keep leaving the plastic bag.

Spare Christmas Tree fairy light bulbs – although I really am not sure whether they are for the current three sets or for some other set, long discarded.

A small, beautifully manufactured LED torch – with batteries that work

A rather old, well-used little purse

A box of matches

Theatre tickets for a show at the Theatre Royal Brighton in June

A half used pack of Thank You cards

A booklet of daily vouchers for The Times and Sunday Times

A half full tube of sparklers

A User Guide for our BT Answering Machine, which doesn’t tell us how to change the day – the machine message gives a day three days ago!

Some yellow paperclips

A bag full of different rubber bands – the purple ones come from packets of Asparagus bought in Waitrose, the brown taken off the bundle of post

Talking of Waitrose, some green tokens given with change which you’re meant to put into some plastic box for a good cause. Mine seem to end up in my pocket, and are then transferred to the ….. man drawer. I must put them in their proper place.

I can’t throw away string – so the ball of string in the man drawer manages to unwind all on its own and wrap itself around …..

Keys. Spare apartment keys, car keys, a key for the green Council wheelie bin given by Joe, a key for the padlock for the ladder tucked away in the Bike Shed – probably rusted through as the salt air here is extremely corrosive

Biros and highlighters – green and red should you be wondering

Four bits of wire that came wrapped around some new gadgets’ power cable ….. and might come in very useful sometime

A little plastic oval with ‘Perfect Egg Timer’ written on it. You’re meant to put it into the boiling water and it’ll turn a certain colour when the eggs are ready. Often of course an egg will crack, a little white will escape and you can’t see to the bottom of the saucepan.

Looking at the photograph you might be reminded of Kim’s Game? Nothing to do with Kim Kardashian, the game was invented by Rudyard Kipling for his creation Kim, to develop his capacity to observe and remember details, during his training as a spy! He wrote the novel Kim in 1901 and the game is still played by Scouts and Guides all over the world to this day.

The blue cord, bottom central, is a lanyard for a sailing knife, complete with a shackle key. Even did the whipping myself!

Then there’s one of those security code generators for online banking

Rolls of Trebor Extra Strong peppermints

‘The Conservatory’ (did you spot the card?) is a lovely Aladdin’s Cave type emporium selling plaster urns, garden statues, furniture, lights of every shape and size, a plastic blow-up Elvis and shark heads, pink pigs galore. Mick who runs it is a treasure himself!

So this is really a whole bunch of scribbles but it might make you smile and for those male readers, tempt you to go and have a look at your ‘Man Drawer’?

Richard 18th May 2016                                        richardyates24@gmail.com

PS My daughter has her own version of a man drawer; it’s a wooden cupboard designed for papers, maps, architectural drawings or some such. From memory she has 6-8 drawers – and everyone is absolutely full with ……

PPS Did you spot the gorilla in the drawer? The cutlery divider put to a different use.

7 thoughts on “PC 70 My Man Drawer

  1. Thanks! This is the first time I’ve read one actually, I searched for ‘man drawer’ as I was thinking about how data is hoarded, and Google did the rest!


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