PC 250 Summarising the last year’s PCs

There’s a well-known saying that a picture paints a thousand words (note 1) ……. and my weekly post’s word-count is generally about that. By way of illustration, we could certainly write a 1000 words about this …….

I have selected 50 photographs from those that accompanied the last fifty postcards; visible only for my Facebook followers. For my newer readers who might want to read some of the back catalogue, I sense it’s quite a daunting task, although a look at the summary PCs (PCs 100 and 200) might help you make a selection. Having increased the posts to one a week, I hear chums say it’s easy to ‘get behind’ but actually most are about 7 minutes to read, so with a good cup of coffee ……..

Of these twelve months’ worth, there’s obviously very little written about travelling, apart from PC 241, but there are six about sailing experiences! I hope those of you who sail, or who would like to, found these more interesting than those of you for whom the idea of getting cold and wet and feeling sick is akin to standing in a cold shower ripping up £5 notes. (Note 2)

I have tried not to get too morose about Covid, which has been with us for the last year and more. Recently a good friend told Celina how 34 out of 60 participants in some equestrian get-together, all double-vaccinated, later came out with Covid symptoms. We still need to be sensible in how we go about our lives. One possible outcome of the pandemic and the wet blanket that it drapes across our normal activities was explored in PC 233 ‘Am I Obese?’ Suffice to say it was a little wake-up call and the wobble has reduced significantly!

I pulled together a lot of other individuals’ comments about this and that in ‘Collections’ (PC 247) and there are two more in a similar vein to come. ‘What is This Thing Called Love’ looked at love affairs that were doomed. The more I read the more I found, so there is another part to this trio to come; a departure from my normal stand-alone scribbles.   

PC 234 ‘No buts …. no butts’ exploring the disposal of the cigarette butt would, I thought, have produced a similar number of comments as PC 47 on Loo Paper, but I was disappointed. “The disposal of the butt was always an issue, but everyone was ignorant of the problem. The cigarette filter is 99% cellulose acetate which is a plastic. We have changed our thinking about plastic bags and about plastic straws and now we need to focus on how we get rid of our butts. ………Discarding your cigarette stub has been described as “The Last Acceptable form of Littering”. Let’s all try to make this completely unacceptable and a rare event, like not wearing your seat belt or drinking and then driving. So no “But ….”; just “No Butts!”

You may recall PC 208 Wills & Pens and how both my witnesses for a new Will signing expressed surprise at my option of a fountain pen for them to complete their task? In the newspaper just last week I read that one in ten (10%!) people in Britain admit to not having written anything by hand in the past year – meaning they haven’t picked up a pencil, biro or fountain pen, not that they were dipping a finger into some inkwell. A quarter of those aged between 18 and 24 said they never used cursive script to write a letter or postcard yet half of those surveyed loved receiving handwritten letters! (Note 3)

Often my little brain thinks of something which might develop into a topic for a postcard and I dump these thoughts into Notes on my iPhone or onto Word on my laptop and collect them together: examples in this ‘fifty’ are ‘Ephemera’ 221, ‘Thinking Out loud’ 228, ‘Observations’ number 230 and ‘Chewing The Fat’ 206.

Most of the time I feel fairly apolitical, getting irritated about the issue and not its political colour. Here, in the aftermath of the awful 2017 Grenfell Tower fire, when 72 people were burned to death, the current government is lacking the grip needed to sort out the resultant building scandal. (See Generosity in Government PC 235). In last Sunday’s Times a headline ‘Building Bosses’ Profits Dwarf Fire Safety Cash’ suggested that the CEOs of the ten biggest property developers paid themselves £708 million in dividends, shares and pay over the last three years, £65 million more than they have allocated to fix the dangerous homes they have built. Doesn’t sound fair does it? Mind you, as the inquiry into the fire uncovers more shoddy standards and compromises, the truth, hopefully, will out! (Shakespeare – The Merchant of Venice’.).

Talking of truth, that word has been under the microscope a little in the last year and I tried to pull some of the issues together in ‘Truth, the Whole Truth (PC226). In my last paragraph I wrote: ‘What is striking are these new ideas about what is true, what is your truth or my truth and what isn’t; to use a playing card analogy, that a ‘lived experience’ can trump ‘hard evidence and intellectual analysis’. One person’s version of past events can be rather different – summed up nicely by the statement from The Queen – “recollections may vary”.’

I had some fun with ‘They Go Together ….’ (PCs 39 & 40) and I hope you found them amusing to read?

Richard 1st October 2021


Note 1Reportedly first used by Frederick R. Barnard in Printer’s Ink  in December 1921, while commenting that graphics can tell a story as effectively as a large amount of descriptive text.

Note 2 This was the oft-reported figure, although with inflation I suspect it’s gone up to £20 or more?

Note 3 Just like another news item the other day that reported 96% of those who live here in the UK can’t swim 100 m ….. or tread water for 2 minutes! Shock horror! And we an island nation.

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