PC 200 Another Milestone!

On the 2nd July 2017 I posted my 100th postcard …… and thought that was quite an achievement; quite proud of myself! And now, just over three years and three months later, I am trying to pull together my thoughts for the second one hundred, and doing that with the grey fog of Covid 19 hanging over me like a wet blanket. I assumed that Covid 19 was named as ….. CoronaVirusDecember2019 but if I Goggle it I find I am wrong; it’s happened before!

Despite everything being in digital form these days I wanted to have a paper record of my first three volumes of 50 PCs each. The local printer in Portland Road produced these ………

…… and in anticipation I created a frontispiece for the fourth volume PCs 151-200! They are possibly the most expensive single colour copies ever produced. (Note 1)

I am always amazed when people say they remember conversations they had with their mother/father/sister/brother/dear friend/boss/ex-boss/lover/ex-lover/dinner party guest/whoever months or even years afterwards. Can I remember what I was doing in July 2017, or even July 2018, let alone remember conversations? Nah! So I scroll back through my ‘Articles’ folder in Word and am reminded what’s happened over the last three years, events and thoughts that have prompted me to put pen to paper, so to speak!

Scribbling about this milestone, I sense I am looking back into a forgotten world, one where we could travel freely, could mix socially and could use our unmasked faces to express what we really felt and not have to rely solely on our eyes.

Boy did we travel! In addition to annual trips to Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, the establishment of a Rocha Miranda base in Estoril has given us an excuse to travel to Portugal at the drop of a Panama hat. In 2018 we took the ferry to Santander, drove through north-west Spain and south to Estoril (PCs 129 & 130); this year we spent six weeks there.

September 2018 found us in Sicily for a week (PC 134). Apart from going to Rio, these were all shortish journeys compared with our long haul out to the Far East at the end of 2019. Singapore (PC 168) and then, putting some of my family history into context, visiting Farewell Spit on the north of New Zealand’s South Island.

You may have got bored by my interest with the Fosberry and Nation families but if not, PCs 127, 152, 154, 169 &170 will put you right. Some of you will have read my PCs about our Alaska trip in 2015, following the escapades of George Nation who married the girl who was shipwrecked on Farewell Spit in 1877. There are some simply beautiful places to experience on this planet of ours, and I reckon New Zealand’s landscapes rate as some of the best.

In amongst the second one hundred PCs I have written about visits in the UK to The Anchor at Warbleswick (Courgette Neutral PC 153) and to the city of my birth, Bath (PCs 164 & 165).

Under the wooden representation of entwined ‘Love’ and ‘Hove’ that I carved from a pine board ……

……. around our dining table we have entertained some of the people whom we have met since arriving in Hove eight years ago this week. Some have come much more than once, such is how relationships develop. Sometimes one of the couple has had a passion for hot yoga. One of the real negatives of the current pandemic is that the social aspect of following our yoga practice has come to a halt, frozen in the fear of contagion and social infection. It will recover.

In addition to scribbling about social mores and changing behaviours, a hot topic of the moment, I have written about Virgins (PC 120), Bananas (PC 121 – and not related to the previous PC!), Night & Day (PCs 124 & 125) and September (PC 132).

My beautiful gorgeous Labrador Tom only spent a few months here in Hove before finally hanging up his collar, but the stay of my daughter’s American Labrador Margo prompted a PC about animals I have owned (PC 122). If we didn’t want to travel so much I am sure we would have another one – although Celina is more of a cat person.

Three PCs about my time in Northern Ireland came at the end of this batch of 100. Odd that after two tours there in the 1970s I should find myself working for a Belfast-based company when I left the Army in 1985. There is often something circulatory about one’s life’s events.

When lockdown was imposed in March I decided to increase the frequency of my fortnightly posts to weekly; if I hadn’t, this PC would have appeared sometime in May 2021. I imagined, rightly or wrongly, people would have more time to read (See Note 2). I have also tried to bang the drum for everyone to read more, given that the numbers of people in the UK who can’t read and write well is far too high (PC 174). (Note 3)

And I guess we have all been watching more Netflix than usual? One documentary that was recommended by Celina’s mother was The Social Dilemma, about the insidious invasion of our lives by postings on social media platforms, and the potential to alter our own judgements through fake or biased news items. Scarry!

Stay Safe. Stay Healthy. Now …… for the next one hundred.

Richard 16th October 2020

Note 1. Think you can make out postcards being sucked up into a Royal Mail red postbox? Now to collate another 50 and take the memory stick to the printer.

Note 2. In Estoril in the summer we were challenged to complete a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle of the Marvel’s Avenger characters.

More recently Simon & Benedicte have very kindly lent us a 4000-piece of Lego Techic – a Porche 911 GT3 RS. Now that’s going to give days of ….. fun!

Note 3. One of my favourite authors Lee Child (He, real name James Grant, and his wife often referred to their daughter Ruth as ‘le child’ (the child)!) has co-written his next book about Jack Reacher (The Sentinel) with his brother Andrew. The intention is that after a few more, Lee will hang up his pen, leaving it to Andrew to continue.

2 thoughts on “PC 200 Another Milestone!

  1. Yes …. how much can be squeezed into a few years. and it often takes a diary to remind us .. your PC’s are doubling as a diary! Thank you for keeping it up. Michael Jones


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