PC 02 Christmas

We are fit and well and it’s probably about time I summarised what been happening.

The period since August has been interesting and as the interval between my heart bypass and the present increases, so the memory softens. I’ve got used to my chest scar being normally a little ‘tight’ and it’s just part of me now. I’ve been signed off by the surgeon, who commented he wished all his patients were as motivated as me to get going again after the operation!

My second grandson Reuben was Christened on 1st December and, as this was 2 days after his brother Jasper’s 2nd birthday, Jade invited ‘friends & family’, which in her case was about 110 people, to tea in the church hall. A real chance to get together and some relatives I hadn’t seen for 25 years so a fun tea party.

Last Saturday Celina and I had some people to ‘Christmas Drinks & Nibbles’ – mainly fellow Bikram students and a few neighbours from Amber House. And four people just cancelled at the last moment – in fact one chum said he was coming and then just didn’t turn up – sorry, ex-chum!!

We will be with Jade & Sam on Christmas Eve for a huge family get together (another!!), here in our apartment on Christmas day, then back to J&S on Boxing Day, and from there drive up to Heathrow for our flight to Rio the following day. It’ll be seven months since we were with Celina’s parents so neither of us can wait to get on that flight – and get out into 35°C!! Her father will be 80 on New Year’s Day so lots to celebrate.

We’re going to be in Rio until the end of March; in fact we come back the weekend the UK changes to British Summer Time – how cool is that!! And we also have heard a whisper that Celina’s parents might come over here –ostensibly to see us but I suspect just to get away from Brazil during some football matches. It will be wonderful if it happens!

So, have a great Christmas, look out for the odd emailed “PC from Rio”, and good fortune in 2014. Actually talking of PCs, I have a real one of Rio with Christ the Redeemer, the city and Sugar Loaf Mountain; the statue normally overlooks the city but in this PC they have ‘photoshoped’ the image and turned the statue around to look towards the viewer!! Looks weird!

Love etc

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