PC 09 PS to PC

It’s a little known aspect of life in Brazil but there is something of a fixation on the bottom here. Is it the only country in the world to have a competition for the most beautiful bottom? Have you ever heard of Andressa Soares aka Mulher Melancia (Watermelon Woman), who’s famous for having an enormous bottom that she shakes and …….. you know the sort of thing? For those with more time on their hands than sense, look at her on YouTube.

Why do I feel the need to tell you this, to add this as a postscript to my PC about beach life here in Brazil? Well, I had talked about the dental floss and how popular it is. A few weeks ago, we were on our way back from the beach to find a cab and we were walking up a side street full of parked cars. It was that time of day when families leave the beach for home, and ahead of us a couple were loading their beach paraphernalia into their car boot; they had a young child so there was a lot! The woman hadn’t bothered to cover up and was still as she had been on the beach. Celina drew my attention to the fact that her dental floss had, er!! shrunk? It was going to be one of those situations when you had to drum up courage to pass by on the pavement …… just as I did, she leant over the boot. I should say at this point that she probably would not have made the regional heats for the Best Bumbum Competition (Yes! Really! That’s what they call a bottom here – bumbum!!). I have never been so close to so much exposed cellulite on a public street in my life; I squeezed past, averting my eyes and trying not to cry, laugh, get stressed, feel awkward.

I do think my heart rate increased though so was glad I’d had that bypass!!

Just thought I would share this with you!

Richard Yates – richardyates24@gmail.com

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